Monday, June 17, 2013

Tent City

Over the weekend, I found myself with only one kid (the littlest one), a free afternoon, no late baseball games and a solid three hours before I had to pick up my older boys. It was a strange and confusing feeling I had!!!

I knew that the Ocean Grove craft fair was going on and I had never been to it.
I usually don't head out to things on my own. I usually would rather
have someone with me, but I'm trying to be adventurous and
decided to go on my own. Well, with a kid strapped to my back...And I'm glad I did.

It was a beautiful summery day. The town was PACKED!
I used to think Ocean Grove was just for old people :)
Well, it's different now. Or I'm getting old. One or the other.

I drove around for a very long time determined to get a parking spot.
The parallel parking job I did was very impressive. The people behind me even complimented me on it. If you have parked on the TINY roads of Ocean Grove, you know what I mean. I can't park head on in a parking lot to save my life, but being taught how to parallel park in a giant work van by my dad makes me one bad ass parallel parker.

So, onto the fair.

 Over 200 vendors with nice handmade things. I got a few things for gifts and something for myself.

After checking out the craft fair with an hour left of freedom, Chase and I took a walk through
Ocean Grove's tent city. Here is a link to better explain what this great little tent city is all about.

In short, "Only Ocean Grove still clings to the trappings of its beginnings in 1869 when it was founded by Methodist clergy and businessmen as the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. There were tents then and there are tents still, their facades bright with striped awnings, American flags and hanging baskets of flowers. The tenor of the summer population hasn’t changed much either."

People leave their winter homes and jobs to spend a quiet summer in these simple little tents.
They are so cute and quiet. And honestly, I really get the appeal of doing this. People sit outside in their rocking chairs, little activity and sense of community.

Further on the walk, I saw a bridal party and soon to be bride.

The Ocean Grove Auditorium

Sidewalk flowers

Beautiful homes a block from the beach

Love a good basket on a bike

A father and daughter after some surfing with Asbury Park in the background.

American pride in all it's glory! That was one big flag!!!!

 It was a really nice little afternoon.
Then it was back to the crew....



  1. Beautiful, I would love to walk around that spend a summer there-oh yeah !

  2. Oh how fun. I'll have to remember to go next year!