Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - The General Store

Joining in with the Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

All photos taken at the Allenwood General Store
That's the greatest place around to have breakfast or lunch
amongst the odd treasures in the back room.

Now for my take on this week's prompts....



Stripes & Dots
 (all in one picture)


That's it! Have a great Sunday. I have a date tonight with my handsome husband and Tim McGraw!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy girl! My belated birthday present. Can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yarn Along - Robin Egg Blue

Happy Yarn Along Day!

Knitting: Plugging away at my second Terra Shawl

I love this pattern. So easy to knit on the go.
I am about 8 rows away from starting the lace edge. So quick!!!
I dyed the yarn to remind me of our robin eggs we watched hatched over the spring.

Reading: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes 
I am loving this book!

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.

Happy Knitting

Sunday, June 23, 2013


What a beautiful day to celebrate this little man.
Wade Adam was baptized today at our church.

Is that the sweetest face you have ever seen????


Wade was happy to show off his new shoes during the ceremony!
He was an angel. 
I was honored to stand up for him as his godmother alongside Nick's brother, Chris, the godfather.
This little boy is such a blessing to this family.
I know that his Uncle Adam was with us in spirit. MomMom was there too :)
She was smiling away. I'm sure of it.

There are days that I think of them and miss them so much.
Today was one of them. This baby has brought joy to so many people. He has no idea. I managed to keep it together while we sang Jesus Loves Me.

We all met up after church at Liz and Nick's house and had a great time hanging out with family and close friends. We were missing Andee's husband and boys (the kids have been sick with a stomach bug so they had to miss it)
Chris and Andee

Wade's Grandmoms!!!

Lucky kid even had his aunt from Florida to celebrate with him!

Me and my godson

Wade and godfather, Uncle Chris

A very rare picture of the original five. We are all clean, no farm dirt, alpaca poop, grease, mud or stink. Not bad huh? I think we clean up pretty well :)

As MomMom would say if she was still here,
"Bless your little heart, Wade. God Bless."

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Moment

Can you believe what they let me watch around here?

happy summer!

Hope it's  fun one! hee hee

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yarn Along • Jared Flood Style

I did it!
I finally, finally finished my Juneberry Shawl.
Not sure why it took me so long.
Not difficult, but pretty intense lace knitting.
Charts on both sides of the piece, so no breaks. I guess that's why!

It was a Jared Flood pattern (who I totally have a nerdy knitter crush on)
He's hiring too. In my area. Dare I? How cool would that be??????

Here are some pictures of my shawl.
Ravelry Link: Juneberry Purple Shawl

I knitted this with Miss Babs Laceweight Yarn that I purchased at
The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in May.

For this week's yarn along:

Another Jared Flood pattern.
I'm knitting another Terra Shawl.
This time, in baby alpaca yarn that I hand dyed inspired
by the robin eggs that we enjoyed watching this spring.

This is a great knit. Very quick and easy.
My kind of knitting!

I finished And the Mountains Echoed over the weekend.
I don't have a new book picked out yet, so I put these new
flash cards in the picture. Chase is not talking as much as I think a two year old should be.
It's frustrating. So I got these cards and we're working on the simple words for now.
I love that the cards are sturdy and are on a ring. This keeps him from flinging them all over the house.

Happy Knitting!
Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nice Boys

The other night Chase was begging to go into the alpaca pens.
He is a wild child, so I have to be careful where to allow him to go, what pens he can go in and what alpacas will tolerate his craziness.

Out of all the animals on the farm, our big boys pen which includes
the two studs, Kigo and Smoke Ring is the pen safest for my crazy man.

I have a feeling this would not be true for most farms. But here at Arrow Acres,
you will find the nicest boys who will be the nicest dads and make the nicest babies :)

 Poor dude needs his face sheared. He can't see!!!! That's Smoke Ring. He's the busy boy around here.

That's Blue, Andee's alpaca.
 Chase giving Kigo a kiss

Long gone is the swing from the apple tree, but isn't it nice that it's still standing? 
Now providing shade for the nice guys.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tent City

Over the weekend, I found myself with only one kid (the littlest one), a free afternoon, no late baseball games and a solid three hours before I had to pick up my older boys. It was a strange and confusing feeling I had!!!

I knew that the Ocean Grove craft fair was going on and I had never been to it.
I usually don't head out to things on my own. I usually would rather
have someone with me, but I'm trying to be adventurous and
decided to go on my own. Well, with a kid strapped to my back...And I'm glad I did.

It was a beautiful summery day. The town was PACKED!
I used to think Ocean Grove was just for old people :)
Well, it's different now. Or I'm getting old. One or the other.

I drove around for a very long time determined to get a parking spot.
The parallel parking job I did was very impressive. The people behind me even complimented me on it. If you have parked on the TINY roads of Ocean Grove, you know what I mean. I can't park head on in a parking lot to save my life, but being taught how to parallel park in a giant work van by my dad makes me one bad ass parallel parker.

So, onto the fair.

 Over 200 vendors with nice handmade things. I got a few things for gifts and something for myself.

After checking out the craft fair with an hour left of freedom, Chase and I took a walk through
Ocean Grove's tent city. Here is a link to better explain what this great little tent city is all about.

In short, "Only Ocean Grove still clings to the trappings of its beginnings in 1869 when it was founded by Methodist clergy and businessmen as the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. There were tents then and there are tents still, their facades bright with striped awnings, American flags and hanging baskets of flowers. The tenor of the summer population hasn’t changed much either."

People leave their winter homes and jobs to spend a quiet summer in these simple little tents.
They are so cute and quiet. And honestly, I really get the appeal of doing this. People sit outside in their rocking chairs, little activity and sense of community.

Further on the walk, I saw a bridal party and soon to be bride.

The Ocean Grove Auditorium

Sidewalk flowers

Beautiful homes a block from the beach

Love a good basket on a bike

A father and daughter after some surfing with Asbury Park in the background.

American pride in all it's glory! That was one big flag!!!!

 It was a really nice little afternoon.
Then it was back to the crew....


Sunday, June 16, 2013

To the Dads...Happy Father's Day!

I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the dads that do so much for their families, love their children's mother and keep everything together with a sense of humor and love.

I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by these types of men.

My husband, Rick
My dad, Don
My father-in-law, Rich
My grandfather, GPop
My brother-in-laws, Rich, Sean & Nick
....the many cousins, friends, uncles and family too!

I hope you all have a great day doing exactly what you want to be doing!!!

A special shout out to my guy.
Thank you for these three little boys.
I love being a parent with you every single day.
The four of you are my everything and I am sooooo soooo grateful to have you all.

And to my dad, who I can hear right now on his tractor...
You are a man that can get more done by 7am than I can all day.
You amaze me day in and day out and we are three lucky girls
to have you as a dad.
Thank you for all you do. Is it time for a half and half yet?

Happy Father's Day :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Photos

After working all day yesterday, Chase begged to go outside.
So I grabbed the camera and headed out with him.

Here are some photos from our walk around the farm....

 Jatoba is such a sweet girl just like her mommy.

This photo of Chase running makes me laugh. He runs like Phoebe from Friends :)

Rain filled scrap buckets

My rose bush in bloom

He loves me, he loves me not...

Finding butterflies

My garden is soooo much smaller this year and I love it!

Toddler hands grabbing what he shouldn't.

Squash!!! My kids will complain non stop every time I cook it.

Have a great weekend!